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What is the best way to clean out a dryer vent

by AdminBoxLegend on July 20, 2020


According to the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 17,000 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year. These clothes dryer fires cause around 51 deaths, 380 injuries, and $236 million in property loss. Unsurprisingly, the leading cause of these fires, at 34%, is the failure to clean dryer vents. Don’t let this be you!

The fact is, fine particles are constantly making it through to your vents, and if those vents are clogged you put your home in a dangerous situation. Lint is a highly combustible material that can accumulate both in the dryer and in the dryer vent. You may notice that your dryer is taking longer to dry your clothes, or notice your laundry room has a lot of moisture build-up or even a musty smell. These are signs that your dryer vent is clogged. Lint builds up on the inside of the vent that exits your home, preventing the dryer from exhausting properly. Ultimately, this can cause your dryer to catch on fire.

Look out for the following signs of a clogged dryer vent:

  • A musty odor is discovered in the clothing following the drying cycle
  • Clothes seem unusually hot to the touch
  • Excessive heat is noticed in the room in which the washer and dryer are operated
  • The dryer vent hood flap does not open properly when you use the dryer (this is the slitted vent opening to the exterior of your home)
  • Debris is noticed within the outside dryer vent opening
  • Large amounts of lint build-up in the lint trap during each cycle
  • Odor noticed from dryer sheets used during the drying cycle

Take these steps to prevent a dryer fire:

Clean the dryer lint filter before and after each load of laundry

Completely clean lint out of the vent pipe every three (3) months

Clean the filter with a nylon brush at least once every six (6) months or more often if it becomes clogged.


Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit Dryer Vent Vacuum Attachment Lint Remover

- More than 33inch long

- Switch between 2 suction control settings

- Helps Prevent Fires

- Remove years lint build-up deep

Dryer Vent Cleaner Brush

When lint builds up in your dryer vent, it blocks the flow of air from the dryer to the outside exhaust vent. This can cause flammable clothes lint to blow back into the dryer cabinet. Dryer fires can happen if this lint is blown onto the heating element. By having your dryer vent cleared of any lint or debris, you lessen the likelihood of a dryer fire.

- Cleaning the trapped lint and dust in dryer gap and exhaust port.

- It also can be used to clean the dust and pet hair under furniture, appliances, ceiling, etc.

- Please wear gloves before using this product to better protect your hands.


Dryer Vent Cleaner kit Dryer Vent Cleaning Brush Lint Remover

- Includes one high quality synthetic brush head and 9 piece flexible durable rods that extend up to 12 feet.

- dryer vent brush can be used with or without any kind of power drill and will help you achieve professional results.

- Improving cloth dryer working performance by using this brush to cleaning the build up lint and dust in dryer vent, duct and exhaust port.

- No need to pay a professional service cost $150 per cleaning when you buy our Dryer duct Cleaning Kit.

Step 1: 

Rotate lockwise and screw it,connect more rods for added length.

Step 2:

The connection between the brush head and the rod is rotated clockwise.

Step 3:

Insert the rod into the electric drill.Most electric drills can use our products.

Step 4:

Please turn clockwise during use, otherwise the pole will be sent off and fall off.

FTA: Keep Drill Clockwise Rotation When Working In The Ducts

A clogged clothes dryer may not just be a fire hazard, but can cause your energy bills to increase by requiring longer drying times for your laundry. Knowing how to clean a dryer vent can protect your house, save some money and make your clothes look better. 



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