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Our  Story BoxLegend

A confession from minimalism.
My friend asked me why I had to tidy up my room every day, and I said.
Tidying up the room is also tidying up your own way of life.
It's not to clean up the room.
Is to take a serious look at every item you have.
The more things you have,
Doesn't mean the richer you are.
And it means that the more you need to satisfy and please yourself.
And this is definitely not an advantage.
Because too much and messy coexist.
How to tidy up a large number of messy items is a kind of wisdom and a kind of art.
What is Boxlegend?
We enjoy a delicate way of life, but we reject many and messy things.
We like the delicate and simple style, because we don't want to be bound by the wool of life.
The pursuit of the beauty of order, cleanliness and convenience is the concept of Boxlegend.
Why Boxlegend?
In 2012, Boxlegend came across the "exciting rules of Life arrangement" from Marie Kondo, a Japanese collector, and was touched by it as an important reference for our product research and development. Our company is committed to the product concept of "customer experience first, pursuing the beauty of order, cleanliness and convenience" and bringing the best quality products to customers.
Each of our products is produced in our own factory, and every production process must be strictly monitored to ensure.
The highest quality products are delivered to customers.
I believe that what we make is not a product, but a way of life, a trend of minimalism!