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About Us

  What's worse than a closet monster? Of course the closet is full of sundries! When you open the wardrobe, it is cluttered with clothing, and you can't find the clothes you're looking for. It took you about ten minutes to find it in the corner of your messy wardrobe. Take it out, it's full of wrinkles. You can't wear it at all! You might be thinking, 'What a bad day!'
  Yes, if the same is true of your bedroom wardrobe, please follow Boxlegend to create a clean, stylish and practical haven for your clothes and accessories.
What is a Boxlegend?
  We have noticed that many friends are troubled by cluttered clothes. With people's pace of life and work growing faster and faster, people no longer have the time and patience to tidy up their clothes and stuff them directly into a drawer or wardrobe. "When I try wearing a shirt, I can't find that even if I find it, it is full of wrinkles, and the messy wardrobe really affects my mood," she says. There are also groups of people, such as the elderly, who are inflexible and children who find it difficult to fold clothes. They need tools to help them complete the task of folding clothing.
  So Boxlegend wants to do something about it so that people can help improve the situation!
  Boxlegend makes a series of folding boards and storage products, hoping that through our high-quality products we can provide help to those people who need it most.
Now, through years of research, development and market feedback, Boxlegend has produced a series of star products that have been well received by the market:

Boxlegend V3 Shirt Folding Board t Shirt Clothes Folder

Boxlegend V4 Shirt Folding Board t Shirt Clothes Folder

BoxLegend Space Saver Bags, 10-Pack

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