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Do children need to do chores?

Do children need to do chores? It seems to be a problem that every family will discuss. Some parenting experts indicate that parents should raise their children's sense of responsibility and teamwork, and chores play a vital role in this process. Parents usually teach toddlers to do some simple chores, such as folding their clothes. Of course, parents can also guide their children to learn how to fold clothes with a clothes folding board. As for older children, parents can let them do some and age-appropriate chores.


So should children be paid for doing chores? According to Child Psychologist Dr. Michelle DeRamus, rewards should vary from person to person and be commensurate with chores and age. If parents pay a lot of money for their children's daily chores, it may lead to an entitlement mentality that changes the meaning of doing chores. Therefore, parents can give their children verbal rewards or occasionally give their children appropriate gifts to encourage them to do housework, such as giving them a nice and practical folding board, which can make children feel satisfied be used to fold clothes.