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How to Organize Your Clothes

How many people find organizing their clothes a tricky task? A lot, I think. Does anyone pile their clothes on the bed or stuff them in a drawer because organizing them is too much of a hassle? That's convenient but terrible. When you want to wear a decent shirt to go out, you will find it crumpled, which will be the last thing you want to happen because you need to iron the shirt or re-wash and dry it. Or, of course, you can just put it on. 


According to organizing expert Marie Kondo, organizing clothes is the first activity we need to do when we want to manage our homes. Thus, tidying up clothes is the key to a neat house. In fact, organizing clothes can be pretty easy if you get the hang of the skills. First, decide what clothes you need to keep, and then free up room by editing your wardrobe. After that, sort your clothes by type and arrange them by color. Finally, fold the clothes neatly and put them into drawers or closets or hang them freely. If you prefer to fold clothes but are not good at folding, the shirt folding board is a great help.


In the long run, organizing our clothes gives us a lot of benefits. Tidying up clothes turns a messy drawer or closet into an organized system that keeps your wardrobe out of the clutter and makes everything within reach. After organizing your clothes, you might be surprised at how much you appreciate the results.