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Shirt Folding Boards Change My Life

I've always hated folding shirts, and with my arthritis, it's even more difficult for me to fold them. But I am a bit OCD. I enjoy a neat home and can't stand the mess of clothes. I've tried hanging all my shirts on hangers. Unfortunately, the wardrobe space is too small to fit all the clothes. So I can only continue folding shirts free hand. Folding clothes by hand for a long time made my joint pain worse, and I had to look for other ways to keep my clothes neat. Later, I learned about clothes folding boards from my parents, and with their help, I made a simple DIY folding board with cardboard and tape for folding shirts.


Using the DIY folding board takes some time getting used to, but once I get the hang of it, it becomes easy to use. Place clothes face down on the folding board, then flip, flip, and fold perfectly, which significantly reduces the time for folding clothes. DIY folding boards helped alleviate my arthritis, but it wasn't durable, and after it broke, I got a pretty inexpensively one online. Made of sturdy PP composite material, the BoxLegend shirt folding board is longer-lasting and doesn't take up space. With this shirt folding board, everything looks so neat and uniform.