Boxlegend vacuum Sealer Bags 11" x 25' Rolls 4 Pack for Foodsaver, Seal a Meal Vacuum Sealer Fits Inside Machine Storage Area BPA Free Heavy Duty, for Sous Vide or Meal Prep

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  • Boxlegend 11 INCH x 25 FEET VACUUM SEALER ROLLS - 4 ROLLS PACK. A heavy-duty premium alternative to Foodsaver, Seal a Meal bags and other food vacuum sealer bags for food.
  • ROLL FIT INSIDE STORAGE COMPARTMENT OF VACUUM SEALER MACHINES - Universal design to fit inside machine roll cutter storage compartment including FoodSaver, Seal-a-Meal, Weston, Cabelas, and other system. Use the machine's cutter to cut and seal roll bags.
  • FOOD SAFE VACUUM SEAL BAGS - Highest quality food sealer bags. BPA Free used for sous vide bags, meal prep, microwave safe and storing fresh or cooked foods in freezer.
  • COMMERCIAL QUALITY VACUUM SEAL BAGS FOR FOOD - Our vac seal bags designed with 3 mil Front Panel, 4 mil embossed back panel for maximum protection & food freshness. Prevent freezer-burn, icing and dehydration.
  • WORKS WITH ALL VACUUM SEALER MACHINES - Boxlegend Vacuum Sealer Roll works with all clamp-type food vac heat bag sealer systems. Easy to use, cut to length and vacum - A food and money saver.
  • FOOD VACUUM SEALER BAGS - Proven performance and quality. Trust for your food and valuables to Boxlegend vacuum seal rolls and food storage products!

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