Boxlegend Vacuum Storage Bags 12-Pack (3 Jumbo, 3 Large, 3 Medium, 3 Small) Vacuum Sealer Bags for Bedding, Compression Space Bags for Comforters & Blankets, Space Saver Bags Clothing Storage Premium Thicker

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  • Save 80% Storage Space - Vacuum sealer bags can store the clothes, blankets, comforters, duvets, towels, pillows, plush toys and more
  • Protects Items - With the vacuum storage bags, items can far away from moisture, dirt, mold, odors, water and more
  • Varied Uses - Vacuum sealer bags are fit in storing household products, moving house, travelling, business and so on
  • Good Sealing - Advanced materials, double zip seal and the triple seal valve provides an even better seal
  • Full Range of Sizes - 3 x Jumbo (40 x 30 inches), 3 x Large (32 x 24 inches), 3 x Medium (28 x 20 inches), 3 x Small (24 x 16 inches)