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How to Fold a Shirt - Folding Shirt Tips | Sheldon's solution

by AdminBoxLegend on July 30, 2020

You may have seen T-Shirt Fold on The Big Bang Theory as Sheldon carefully folds even his socks in it.

Just picture this: your clothes are finally dry, and now it is time for you to fold them. You take them out of the washing machine and start folding them, one by one, watching as the time slowly passes and you feel like it is never going to end. Do you think it has to be that way forever? The answer is no. Folding should be something easy and fun.

Now, we know that there are lots of shirt folders out there. We are here to guide you and show you the best of them, based on our experience and design.

BoxLegend is the one to look for. We have over 10 years of experience, and products come with over 8 different professional designs. BoxLegend's material is safe and avoids the fragility that climate change can cause. 

How to Make a T-Shirt Folder. Those who travel full time for a living know the worst thing about traveling is packing. Trying to get one's entire life crammed into two suitcases is very frustrating. If you are not very good at folding you...

Perfectly fold your shirts, sweaters, pants and even towels with the BoxLegend Laundry Folder. Basically anything! Use it with or without the BoxLegend instructions. Our folder makes it easy to neatly organize your drawers and shelves by folding everything into uniform dimensions. 

Time to start folding! To fold a t-shirt into infinite crispness simply layout it in the middle of your folder.

Only 3 steps and 3 seconds to form clothes flatter and neater.

1. Flip the left panel to the center and then back.

2. Repeat the step above for the right panel and then again for the left panel.

3. Flip the bottom panel up and then back to its original position.

Your shirt is now folded and ready to be packaged!

Shirt Folding Tips & Advice

When flipping and folding, move the boards quickly and firmly - this allows for a flat, neat fold, getting all the air out.

Do you know what our holes are for? They reduce static allowing air to pass through the board, eliminating that pullback effect.

Sweatshirts are bulky, so make your last fold by hand. If your sweatshirt is hooded, fold hood IN even with the edge of the board.

Remember to offset your shirt on center panel D featuring your design. Play with positioning for ideal exposure.

Why would you bother you might ask? Well apart from looking excellent, folding your clothes like this decreases the volume of air in them and thus increasing the amount of space you can have in your wardrobe for all those new clothes!


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