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Well-organized Laundry

We've gathered some tips for effective and practical storage for your laundry room. You can organize and sort your clothes well. A neat and spacious laundry room is pleasant.

1.Install countertops on your washer and dryer

Avoid awkwardly placing your clothes directly on the washer and dryer and instead add a countertop that creates a stylish look and also acts as a folding station.

2.Add some organizers in the right places

If your laundry room is cluttered, the right organizers are essential. Especially if you have their own drawers for each family member, they can help you categorize and not get mixed up.

3.Utilize the space behind the door

When space is limited in the laundry room, you can create new storage space behind the door. Attach hooks to the door and hang some small baskets or storage boards where many small items can be placed.

4.Clean the dryer regularly

The dryer is the most neglected area when it comes to cleaning the laundry room, and the excessive lint that builds up in the vents is like a ticking time bomb that could cause the air dryer to catch fire!