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How to organize food in the refrigerator?

When was the last time you spent way too long trying to find that food item you knew you had somewhere in the back of your fridge? Even if you are short on space, a well-organized refrigerator is essential to keeping your food fresh and saving you time when it comes to planning meals.

1.Clean It Well

The first step to a well-organized refrigerator is to take everything out and give it a really good scrub. And then store a box of baking soda.It is an easy and effective way to keep your fridge smelling fresh for longer.

2.Check Expiration Dates

When you replace your food in the fridge, check all your items for their expiration dates. Go through jams, jellies, and sauces you haven't touched in ages and either make a plan to use them or part ways. It will be much easier to find what you need when you're not sifting through endless jars of stuff you'll never touch again.

3.Sort Your Shelves

 If you have a habit of squeezing your food in any available space in your fridge, now is the time to change.
  • The Top Shelf:This is one of the warmer shelves in your fridge, so avoid keeping any fresh meat here. Instead, consider designating it for leftovers and takeout—stuff you need to eat soon.
  • The Middle Shelf:Here, consider storing dairy products or produce that can be left uncovered (such as berries). You also probably have the most vertical space here, so taller containers can be stored on this shelf as well.
  • The Bottom Shelf:Use your bottom shelf for meat or fish. Not only is this the coolest spot in your fridge so there is less risk of spoilage, but you also won't have to worry about accidental leakage over the rest of your food that causes nasty odors or contamination.
  • The Drawers:This one is pretty easy—try to fit all of your produce in the crisper drawers for maximum freshness.
  • The Door:Your door is the warmest part of your fridge, so store more stable items, such as condiments and jams, here.