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How to Organize Clothes in Your Closet: 4 Easy Steps

1.Sort by color, category, or length

Put jeans with jeans, keep sweaters with sweaters, and so on; if you have an expansive closet or are a visual organizer, consider putting items of the same color in the same area.

2.Revisit how you fold, stack, or hang clothes

Stack clothes on shelves, but use the vertical or "file folding" method that Marie Kondo uses to see all the clothes at your fingertips when you open a drawer.

3.Consider vacuum-seal storage bags

Suck the air out of the bag, firmly tie it closed, and voila, you've maximized available space. Place these bags on a top shelf, bottom corner, or storage space until you need them.

4.Use wall space

You can use walls to store jewelry and accessories; consider using hooks, spice racks, pegboards, or wall-hung wire bins for accessories and small clothing items.