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Space efficient and durable storage for kitchens and pantry

The need for storage in the kitchen seems endless, but there are creative solutions that can give you the extra space you need. Plates, wine glasses, the best china, serviettes and recipe books all need a place of their own. But as the kitchen for many has become the natural place for the family to gather after a long day, things like the family calendar, mail, headphones and mobile phones often need a place to rest in the kitchen as well. The best tip for storing things in crowded kitchen is to find unused wall space. Another potential storage space is on a door.  When everything at last has its own place, hopefully there will be space for the family to unwind – and even cook!

1.Use the wall

A small corner can be turned into a pantry by putting shelves all the way up to the ceiling.

2.Open kitchen storage for easy access

If you don’t have an entire wall, you can work with smaller scale storage solutions. Open storage can be practical and neat in a kitchen. The things you need often are easy to get at, and those you want to display add personality to the room. Why not have your favourite bowls and recipe books out on a shelf?

3.Kitchen storage for small spaces

Compact storage that makes a big difference. A cup of coffee in the morning is essential for many. Store everything in reach and save time. This solution takes no more space than a board on the wall and is only 15 cm deep. Just what you need for a great start to the day.