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Fold Your Shirts Like A Pro With Folding Board

If you find it overwhelming to fold all your clothes every week, then you need the folding board, the most popular folding tool that helps you fold your clothes into a uniform in less than 3 seconds.


Just lay your shirt face-down on the board. Then, flip the left-hinged side of the board, then the right, and finally, the bottom flap upwards to create a uniform fold.The folding process is simple and orderly, just like you are doing it professionally.

BoxLegend V4 Shirt Folding Board Fit Thin, Medium ,Thick Clothes



  • BoxLegend Shirt Folder: Full size 28.3x22.8 inches,folds to 12.2x10.2 inches for easy storage. Suitable for almost all adult sizes of trousers, shorts, pyjamas, T-shirts, short and long sleeved shirts, pyjamas, dresses and more, from extra small to extra large, for all your needs.
  • High Quality Materials : The folding board are made of new environmentally friendly PP plastic, which is non-toxic and odourless, and are strong and durable, will not break over time, have flexible hinges so that the shirt folder board will not fall apart after many uses and have a folding life of over 50,000 times.
  • Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Static: The t shirt folder remove all wrinkles and static from your clothes outside the dryer at the root; the large holes in the panels act as a ventilation system and help prevent static attraction when folding, helping you to fold perfectly every time.