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How to Organize Your Closet - Closet Organization Ideas

by AdminBoxLegend on July 14, 2020

If your current closet situation represents chaos and disorganization, it's a sign you need a serious declutter! Yet, many of us still complain: "I have nothing to wear", with their wardrobe packed to the brim.

Raise your hand if you don't have enough closet space. Same (even if we do often find ourselves thinking we have nothing to wear while staring at a closet stuffed to the brim with clothing). Because let's face it, we're not all blessed with luxurious level walk-in closets. And the smaller the closet, the more difficult it is to stay organized. But there are tons of organizational tools and styling tricks that can help. Instead of cutting your wardrobe in half, use these organize closet ideas to create twice as much space as you had before.

1. Declutter Your Clothes by Category

A fast, easy way to declutter your clothes is to sift through them by type. Tossing every piece of clothing you own into a massive fabric mountain on your bed is overwhelming and inefficient.

Instead, separate your clothes into categories like pants, dresses, tops, outerwear, accessories, and undergarments. Then sort through every item in a single category before moving on to the next.

Why is this method better?

Because it’s way easier to compare similar clothes when they’re all grouped together in front of you, making it easier to get rid of the things you know you have too much of or don’t want.

As you go through your stuff, make a commitment to only keep the clothes you know you love and wear with frequency.

If anything gives you reason to hesitate, toss it in a pile for donation.

2. Make Seasonal Changes

"Under-the-bed storage is key when you no longer have space in your closet," Henderson says.

Why have coats in the closet if it's summer? Take a day to make seasonal changes. The clothes that you will not use in the following months can be stored in sealed bags. In this way, you can better visualize everything you have in your closet.

Bags with a vacuum seal can be a very handy product to use for a wide range of purposes. They can be great for storing clothes as an effective way to save space, and it’s always worth having a few packets to hand. If you live in a small property, then good quality vacuum storage bags can be used to store anything from your clothes to your bed linen and things will last longer in a damp space such as a loft if the bags used are vacuum sealed. Equally they are great when you go travelling, as you can save a lot of valuable space in your suitcase by vacuum sealing your belongings.


4 Jumbo 100x80cm

4 Large 80x60cm

4 Small 60x40cm

Support All Vacuum Cleaners

BoxLegend vacuum bags you save 80% space for your wardrobe and your suitcase.

Protect Your Clothes Intense - With the vacuum bags, textiles are safely protected from dust, moisture, mites, and insects. Whether in the basement or under the bed, the contents of the bag remain 100% protected.

Robust material - Use tear-resistant PA + PE materials with a thickness of 100 microns instead of 70 microns. It is thicker and more durable.

Stable closure - Allows easy closing of the bag. The double seal provides an even better seal and is 100% airtight.

3. Fold Any Item to The Perfect Uniform Size in Just 5 Seconds

Not only all short- and long-sleeve shirts, but also pajama, pants, dress and more, can be perfectly folded into a neat organization during short time.


Folding Your Shirts Using a T-shirt Folder

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Over 10 Year Experience, Over 8 Professional Designs.

It also suitable for larger than xxl shirt.

How to Fold a Shirt - Folding Shirts Tips (See More)

Place the open shirt folder on an easily accessible table or counter.

Lay the shirt face down onto the BoxLegend. The top of the shirt should be touching the top of the t-shirt folder.

Fold the bottom of the shirt up, making sure that the crease is lined up with the bottom of the folder.

Flip the left panel to the center and then back.

Repeat the step above for the right panel and then again for the left panel.

Flip the bottom panel up and then back to its original position.

Your shirt is now folded and ready to be packaged!

4. Take Up One Paper-sized Footprint

What’s the secret to wrinkle-free, perfectly folded laundry? All you need is the right template. With BoxLegend you can quickly fold, stack and sort clothes into their proper piles, then re-arrange and stack some more – all without re-folding. Working in a tight space? Simply combine piles and stack taller.


Unique Magnet Design to fold clothes perfectly.

Even if we pick up clothes by 60 °, the stacked trays will not slip backward.

Directly Put into drawers or use double-sided tape or screw accessories to install the fixing bracket on the closet or wall.

10 Piece Set T-Shirt, Sweater, Top, Pants, Jeans, Fashion Closet Organizer. Each rigid plastic organizer lies flat and steady – protecting your clothes from getting squished and wrinkled, even during bouncy rides. And just like your shelves at home, BoxLegend lets you pull an item from the middle or bottom of the pile, leaving the rest of your clothes undisturbed. It’s so efficient, you won’t even have to unpack. If there’s a better wardrobe organizer out there, we haven’t heard of it.

Periodically reassess your capsule wardrobe. If seasons change in the middle of your three month experiment, you’ll have to rotate some of your season-specific items in and out of your wardrobe.


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