< BoxLegend Clothes Folders V2 vs V3

BoxLegend Clothes Folders V2 vs V3

by AdminBoxLegend on July 16, 2020


Takeaway: Quickly, neatly, and consistently fold all your clothes with these simple but effective tools.

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I recently had the opportunity to compare, side-by-side, three versions of the BoxLegend clothes folder: V2, V3, and V4. The V2 measures 23” long, 9” wide and 3/4” thick and weighs a little over 2 lbs. The V3 measures 11” x 10” and is 1-1/4” thick with a weight of about 1.5lb. While the V4 is 12” x 10” and 1-1/2” thick and weighs just under 2 lbs without the optional organization trays, which I’ll go into more detail below. The V4 comes shipped in a decorative gift box and the V2, available in several different colors, comes with a gift bag, making both easy to give as gifts to friends and family.

The V3 folder is the largest, and has two long panels on the sides and two smaller panels in the middle. The overall open size is 27.5” x 23.5”. There are three articulating joints connecting the panels which allow you to fold your clothes in a uniform and consistent manner and the folding instructions are easy to follow. Just use the instructions embossed on the lower center panel of each unit or follow the color photo illustrated directions in the manual that comes with each folder.

The instructions are simple: place your garment face down on the folder, fold in any material that hangs over the edges of the folder, then close and open the panels as directed. When you follow these instructions, you'll end up with perfectly uniformly folded clothes, whether you're folding a t-shirt, collared dress shirt, sweater, or even pants. The V2 and V4 are more compact and very similar in form and function they are just as quick and easy to use but pack up more compactly for travel.

The difference for the V4 is that it is made to work with a unique magnetic organization system utilizing removable trays. After following the folding instructions, the garment ends up on a removable magnetic tray that can be attached to a wall-mounted back plate for stacking and organization. Each tray also includes elastic straps to hold your clothes in place and keep them perfectly folded. The advantage of this system is that after stacking your clothes on the magnetic backplate, you can pull a garment out from anywhere within the stack without having to dig through the whole pile, and when you do this the rest of your clothes remains folded and undisturbed. The shirt and tray pop right off the magnetic catches. While this V4 set only comes with 3 trays, extra trays sold as 10-packs can be purchased separately to expand the system.

One main difference between the three are the joints between the panels. On the V3, the joints are solid and fused between the plates, so every time you fold them, you apply stress and friction on those joints, which over time may wear them out. On the V2, the joints between the upper side panels are substituted with swiveling hinges, so you’re not actually bending any plastic material. On the lower side panels, the hinges are made of soft flexible silicone, that bend and flex easily and also can stretch. However, between the top and bottom panels are still fused joints that rely on the plastic bending repeated when you fold. On the V4, all articulating points have been replaced with either the swivel hinges, or flexible silicone soft hinges, which makes this one the most durable.

Whichever version you prefer, they all do a great job at quickly folding your clothes neatly and consistently, allowing you to prevent wrinkles and organize your laundry in minutes, giving you more time to spend enjoying life. For a limited time use my exclusive discount code, BLPC10DS, to save 10% off your order. And don't forget to check out BoxLegend's giveaway for your chance to win a V4 clothes for at no cost!



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