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BoxLegend is a group of creative people with a mission to provide quality household products to every one. We have become a crowd-favorite over the years, especially offering the shirt folding board which once appeared in The Big Bang Theory  and we are so glad to learn that it brings a lot of fun to peoples, even a child can fold clothes with the shirt folding board, it's easy to use.

Why should you become an affiliate?
So that our growth can benefit you as well! Who doesn’t love high conversion rates and even higher commissions?

How exactly would you benefit?

  • Up to 15% commission

  • Access to an online dashboard that tracks your commissions

  • Affiliate email support, offering fast and direct communication

  • Text links made customly for you

If you are interested in working with us for more details, please do not hesitate to email us info@boxlegend.com

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