Have you ever wondered how stores fold clothes neatly?

Here it is.


In busy clothing stores, sales associates are often faced with large amounts of laundry folding clothes, a menial task that often leaves them overwhelmed.
"Many customers throw the clothes straight back onto the shelves after trying them on, cluttering up the racks, and I have to pick them up and refold them, as well as aligning the length and angle of the fold multiple times." Said a salesperson at a clothing store.


Lina fell in love with the garment folding board the first time she used it! She simply lays the garment flat on the folding board and follows the standard lines on the board, eliminating the need to painstakingly torture the angle and length of each fold, and folding a garment in just a few seconds is much more efficient.
With the help of the folding board, salespersons are freed from the tedious task of folding and can focus more on customer service.


Whether you are a store salesperson or a housewife, you deserve to have a folding board. It not only improves work efficiency, but also keeps your clothes neat and organized, showing your attention to detail and taste in life.