BoxLegend V4 Shirt Folding Board Fit Thin, Medium ,Thick Clothes

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  • The V4 shirt folding board is made of  upgraded and thickened PP environmental plastic materials, with 18 joints, which is very strong and not easily deformed.
  • Widened and thickened design, fit thin, medium and thick clothes. Help you fold dresses, pants, trousers, shorts, pajamas, short and long sleeve T-shirts, towels to a perfect uniform size.
  • Only 3 steps and seconds to make clothes flatter and neater. Help you optimize closet and drawers space. Even kids will love to join you folding clothes!

Why shirt folding board?

  •  Not only All long and short sleeve shirts, but also towels, pants, skirts, etc. can be folded into a neat organization in just a short time.
  • Easy to use - Whether it is a small child who is not familiar with hand folding clothes or an old person who cannot use their hands flexibly, they will be incredibly surprised to find that folding clothes is so fun and easy.
  • makes boring organizing work easy and fun, and cuts folding time in half.
  • Perfect for travel. Can easily fit into a suitcase, clothes can be folded perfectly during the holidays, and it's no longer a crumpled mess.
  • Designed with high quality, sturdy and flexible PP resin material, the folding board is durable and will not break over time.

Product List

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