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Shirt folding board is not only suitable for shirts, T-shirts, trousers, shorts, skirts and even towels, sheets can be folded with folding board.
It is so easy to use that even 3-year-olds can use it to fold their own clothes. We have received feedback from many customers claiming that Boxlegend folder is the savior of the elderly with inflexible hands and feet or people related to arthritis, and they can use it to complete the work of folding laundry.
At the same time, many clothing retail entrepreneurs also like our folding board, claiming to save a lot of time folding clothes, because using folding boards to fold clothes is easier and faster than folding clothes manually. And folding board folded clothes are the same size, very neat and beautiful!

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BoxLegend T shirt Folding Board T shirt Clothes Folder Laundry Organizer Easy and Fast for Kid and Adult to Fold Clothes


BoxLegend Shirt Folding Board Clothes Folder Easy and Fast to Fold Clothes For Adult and Kids